wooden Venetian blinds


Name Wooden Venetian Blinds
Blade/Slats Width 25 MM/50 MM
Size Custom Size
Pattern Horizontal
Feature UV protection
Function Light Control
Material Wood
Control Manual
Application Interior
Style Cloth Belt Style/Ladder Rope
Used for Home Decorations
Company Style Manufacturer
colors Various Colors like traditional light & dark wooden tones

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installing aluminum Venetian blinds

Wooden blinds for nature inspired interior designing.

Keep the promise that the no.1 place to get the best wooden blinds online is our sole responsibility. So, we researched to go deep until the root of wooden blinds. In between, check out our collection of wooden blinds in Dubai for windows. You will get some pictorial ideas.

History reveals Edvard Bevan patented for inventing venation blinds in 1769. He tried incorporating too many changes to bring out all their qualities. He understood they are effective in letting light enter the room and added some ideas to it. The use of aluminums frames and wooden slats gave a better result. He tried to place uniform slats of wood on the aluminum frame. So, his blinds can consider the very first wooden blind. Nature-inspired home furnishing elements have become inevitable for homes since the early 17s itself. Now we widely use wooden Venetian blinds. Crafters from Venice improved the blinds of Edvard Bevan. They named it Venetian blinds.

Venice and Venetians are famous for trading. Trade interaction might have opened their eyes to the blinds of Bevan or some updated version of it. Over time, they started to sell blinds to Europe. Europeans were always ahead of time. They found the true beauty and purpose of those wooden blinds. Through European homes, wooden blinds became popular.

While in the early eras, protection from wind, sand storms, extreme heat and privacy were the motive for using wooden blinds for windows. Now light control and interior designing concepts also include in our priorities. Bringing nature home excites humans throughout history. So, the relevance of wooden blinds is still continuous.

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